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 For a wheelchair access at the Faculty of Economics Library, it is necessary to call the library staff in advance.
Use the phone number +420 596 992 154 or +420 596 992 157 .

Compensatory aids


  • for users with reading and writing difficulties
  • it transfers a displayed text to audio using a synthetic voice
  • the currently read text is highlighted

A USB disk with the installation software is available for loan at:

Onyx Boox T68 Lynx

  • an e-book reader with read aloud functionality

Available at:

It is necessary to order the equipment in the catalogue before borrowing it.

Merlin Ultra Full HD

  • a full-color camera desktop magnifier with auto focus
  • magnification up to 73-times
  • 3 preset text-background color combinations, 25 more to be edited
  • 24" display
  • adjustable arm, sliding table

Available at:

Merlin Ultra Full HD