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University employees and students, as well as the public, have the right to use the VSB-TUO Central Library services after registration and issuance/activation of the library user card.

During registration:

  • Users are obliged to get acquainted with Library Rules and Regulations and follow updates of this directive.
  • Users fill in and sign VSB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library User Declaration Form (Appendix 1 of Library rules and regulation), see User Registration for downloading the document. 

User registration is carried out at all library departments: 

After registration all users gain access to their user account.

Requirements for registration

  • VSB-TUO Students
  • VSB-TUO Employees
  • VSB-TUO Alumni
  • Public (external) users
  • Public (external) users - students

User Card

  • is valid for all departments of the VSB-TUO Central Library, regardless the place of registration.
  • is non-transferable and can be used only by the user to whom it has been issued.

Privacy Policy

Users must acquaint themselves with the Information on Personal Data Processing, see Documents for Download.

Personal data of users are collected and processed by the VSB-TUO Central Library for purposes of providing library and information services and protection of library collections in compliance with Library rules.

Personal data stored in databases are managed under Act No. 110/2019 Coll., on personal data processing.

Personal data are processed in requisite extent in compliance with this Law and VSB-TO directive of rector Personal data protection (TUO_SME_17_002, in Czech).

Personal data of internal users

Personal data of VSB-TUO students and employees are deleted from databases at the termination of study or employment.

Personal data of external users

Personal data of external users are stored until:

  • a user expresses disagreement with their storage
  • expiration of a 1-year period after expiry of a user library card, provided that the user has no obligations to the library