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Library and Reading Room in Ostrava–Poruba

The library focuses mainly on literature from following fields: computer science, philosophy, sociology, religion, psychology, sociology, statistics, politics, economics, law, public and state administration, social services, pedagogy and education, environment, mathematics, astronomy, geodesy, physics, chemistry, mineralogy, paleontology, geological sciences, biological sciences, botany, zoology, medical science, health and safety and fire protection, technology, materials testing, energy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mining, civil engineering, medical technology, waste, transport resources, management, marketing, chemical industry, metallurgy, automatic control, construction, urbanism, architecture, linguistics, literature, geography, history; marginally agriculture, forestry, crafts, art, ethnology, ethnography, entertainment, sport.
Users can use SafeQ printers for printing / scanning, copying and also a separate scanner.
Two computer classrooms with dataprojectors are available.

Faculty of Economics Library

The library is mainly focused on literature from following fields: economics and economic sciences, law, public and state administration, business management, accounting, human resources, marketing and management, promotion. It also marginally includes literature from the fields of: computer technology, philosophy, psychology, ethics, social work, mathematics, the environment, education, sports, linguistics, geography.
Users can use a SafeQ printer for printing, scanning and copying.
The library also provides a card revalidation service - Standard, ISIC, ITIC, ALIVE Student - and a password reset service.

Faculty of Safety Engineering Library

The library at the Faculty of Safety Engineering is mainly focused on literature in the fields of fire protection, occupational safety, protection of buildings and persons, risk management, safety and crisis management. It also marginally includes literature in the fields of computer technology, natural sciences, psychology, economics, law, the environment, engineering and construction.

Faculty of Civil Engineering Library

The library and study room at The Faculty of Civil Engineering is mainly focused on literature from fields of building and underground construction, architecture, structures, urban engineering, building materials, building diagnostics and structural mechanics in form of journals, monographs and scripts.
Online access to ČSN ISO standards is available on one PC.
Users can print / scan / copy using a SafeQ printer.