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No time to stop by and pick up your books during opening hours of the Central Library?

Collect your orders and reservations whenever it suits you by choosing our Bookomat - 24/7 pick-up locker service.

How does Bookomat work

  • When ordering documents from the location “ÚK-Sklad knih” or requesting an already borrowed document, you have a choice to select Bookomat Poruba location.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification with the pick up due date, when your documents are ready to borrow.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all of your requests will be met (e.g. book size exceed locker capacity).
  • You have three days to collect your books.

Request/order and pick up

  • Orders are placed in the online catalog after logging in you select the pick-up location - Bookomat Poruba.
  • To open the locker, use your library card, which you attach to the card symbol.
  • The locker door will open automatically for you.
  • Collect your loans and close the door.
  • Do not put anything into the lockers. If you want to return your loans, use Bibliobox.

Where to find Bookomat

  • Bookomat is located on the university campus in Ostrava Poruba, near the parking lot next to the Central Library building.