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Returning loans using biblioboxes

  • Documents from library collections can be returned outside the library opening hours.
  • Returned documents will be written off from the user account on the next working day.
  • The library does not send notices about writing off documents returned via a bibliobox.
  • Damaged or incomplete documents (without annexes etc.) will not be written off from the user account.
  • Users are obliged to pay potential overdue fines before writing off their loans returned using bibliobox.
  • Biblioboxes cannot be used for returning inter-library loans.
Bibliobox in Poruba

Biblioboxes are located at:

  • The main library building in Ostrava–Poruba, at the main outdoor entrance
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, at the rear entrance (from Otakar Jeremiáš Street)
Bibliobox FAST

Book return box is located at:

  • Faculty of Safety Engineering, next to the elevator in LA corridor
Book return box