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Cash deposit

  • Depositing cash into your student account is possible at all library departments.
  • The money in „Your account“ can be used e.g. for paying:
  • Money deposit is also possible online, using the EPS system.

Card Revalidation

Card revalidation, i.e. renewal of the card expiration date, applies to Standard, ISIC, ALIVE Student and ITIC cards , and is carried out at:

  • Faculty of Economics Library and Reading Room
  • Faculty of Safety Engineering Library and Reading Room

The service is available only during teaching periods in both semesters, see the current Academic Calendar.

See also more information on Student Card.

Password Reset

Password for login to university information systems can be reset in all library departments. Ask our staff.

  • The password can be reset after verifying your Student Card / Employee Card.
  • The old password is changed to a temporary one that should be changed as soon as possible, see Password Change.

The Password Reset cannot be performed over the phone.

See also Password Reset Instructions.