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VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Open Access Policy

This text is a translation of the Czech original text of the Open Access Policy.

Article 1
Introductory Provisions

  1. The aim of the open access policy of VSB-TUO is free online access to the results of research funded by public funds.
  2. Open access to scientific results is based on the recognition of knowledge as a public good and the social and economic benefits that result from it.
  3. Effective and extensive dissemination of scientific results is an important part of VSB-TUO's activity as a public research organization.
  4. Increased availability of scientific results through open access leads to an increase in the impact of these publications.
  5. The publication of publications in the institutional repository ensures the care, long-term preservation and further dissemination of the scientific results of VSB-TUO and access to them for the purposes of internal and external evaluation.

Article 2

  1. Open access is a free instant online access to publications without any fees or restrictions on copyrights or licenses, as it is usually stated in the contract with the publisher.
  2. Especially in relation to scientific journals and published articles, are used two strategies to achieve open access: the Green road and the Golden road.
  3. The Green road means that the author publishes his article in a traditional way in a subscription-based journal, in a journal that best fits his needs, and then saves the author's version of an article in an open repository (so-called auto-archiving) publisher and/or policy provider for research support before, after, or during publishing.
  4. The golden road is publishing in reviewed journals with permanent open access.
  5. The publication is defined as a peer-reviewed published (or accepted for publication) work of a researcher at VSB-TUO, including students. It includes journals, conference papers, monographs, chapters from books, and other materials that are the outputs from projects.
  6. Open access to scientific information requires authors to negotiate with publishers in advance only those rights that are necessary for publication by means of additions to copyright agreements to which the publisher is licensed to publish. The subject of the license agreement is to exercise copyright rights. These rights are not transferred to the license agreement but the licensee acquires the right to use the work in an agreed manner.
  7. The publicly accessible institutional repository of VSB-TUO is DSpace VSB-TUO,, built on international standards, containing digital content and providing advanced search tools, navigation and open access to digital content.
  8. The internal information system for research at VSB-TUO is the OBD (Personal Bibliographic Database).
  9. A digital copy is an electronic copy of the publication in its final form, either the final version of the reviewed author's manuscript accepted for publication after the review process (also called postprint) or the editorial version of the publication.
  10. The embargo period is a time period set by the publisher, after which the publication stored in the repository must not be openly accessible. The embargo period begins on the official publication date.
  11. Metadata are data used to describe, track, use, and manage items stored in the repository.

Article 3
Principles of the Open Access Policy

The VSB-TUO defines the basic principles of the open access policy by:

  1. requiring the authors of the publications to attach to the OBD in the results of the "J-article in a scientific periodical" and "D-article in the Proceedings" a digital copy of these as soon as possible, preferably at the latest on the date of their official publication,
  2. recommends that the authors store the research data needed to validate the results contained in the stored scientific publication, either in an institutional repository or in a research repository,
  3. invites authors to retain their author law and gave publishers only required public Creative Commons license, preferably CC-BY license,
  4. encourages authors to the store to provide institutional repository and publications issued before the effective date of this policy and allow open access to them where this is possible.

For the results created within the Horizon 2020 projects, the obligation to save the record as well as the digital copies of the publication is at the latest on the day of publication. These digital copies, including bibliographic metadata, are then imported into the institutional repository of VSB-TUO. The authors of publications are responsible for the timely storage of digital copies. The Information Services Center is responsible for import into the repository. Open access to the publications stored in the repository corresponds to the conditions set by the publisher of the publication or by the research grant provider.

Article 4
Support and Monitoring of Open Access Policy

VSB-TUO supports and follows an open access policy by

  1. facilitating the adoption of an open access policy by organizing seminars, training and other open access training activities,
  2. monitoring the implementation of this policy by comparing the content of the repository with OBD and through the use of open access publications (access, downloads, etc.),
  3. will provide the necessary human resources and the required infrastructure to support open access policy.

Article 5
Final Provisions

This policy of open access to scientific publications comes into effect on 1 December 2015.