Loans (off-site, to home)

  • literature for study and common book collections

In-house use (to reading rooms only)

  • books on open shelves in reading rooms
  • archive collections
  • journals and magazines
  • theses
  • technical standards (ČSN)
  • encyclopedias
  • terminological and explanatory dictionaries
  • handbooks
  • expensive foreign books
  • sources on CD-ROMs




Loans must be returned within their loan periods.

When the library is closed, loans can be returned using Biblioboxes:bibliobox_Poruba1

Biblioboxes are located at:

  • Main Library Building in Ostrava–Poruba, by main entrance outdoors
  • Faculty of Economics, by main entrance outdoors
  • Faculty of Safety Engineering, by reception indoors

Returning loans using biblioboxes:

  • Documents from library collections can be returned out of the library opening hours.
  • Returned documents will be written off from the user account on next working day.
  • The library does not send notices about this returning and writing off from the account.
  • Damaged or incomplete documents (without annexes etc.) will not be written off from the user account.
  • Users are obliged to charge potential overdue fines till writing off their loans returned using bibliobox.
  • Biblioboxes cannot be used for returning inter-library loans.


Loans can be renewed.

If the loan period expires, students and external users are obliged to charge overdue fines according to Library and Circulation Rules of the VŠB-TUO Central Library.



Loan renewal

Period of loans can be renewed according to Library rules (see loan periods). Renewals are allowed only if the document has not been reserved by another user.

Renewals can be performed:

  • using My account in the online catalogue;
  • by phone, see Key contacts;
  • by sending a request to e-mail address



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