VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava Central Library Library Rules and Regulations

This is an excerpt of the most important parts from the Czech version of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library Rules and Regulations in relation to users, borrowing, library use, licensed resources, copyright and fines and charges. The text does not represent an exact translation of the official Czech Library Regulations but it does not violate any right of users of the Library services. The original text has been slightly modified in order to help non-Czech speaking Library users to understand both their rights and obligations.



Fines and Fees

Registration and borrower's card

Internal user registration

free of charge

Borrower's card for external users (non-students)

CZK 40,00

Annual registration fee (external borrowers only

CZK 100,00

Guest access card deposit fee

CZK 40,00

Replacement of the library card (lost or damages

CZK 80,00


Fee per item

CZK 5,00

Charges for overdue items (fines)

Charge for the last (third) overdue notice sent  by post:

CZK 50,00

Charges per each 21-days overdue per item

CZK 20,00

Charges for not returned book on loan per item

its original cost including all administrative costs

Lost or damaged book replacement

The replacement charge for a book or other loan item is the original cost of it plus an administrative fee of CZK 20,00.

Replacement administrative fee per item

CZK 20,00

Library staff produced photocopies fee

per A4 size copy

CZK 1,50

per A3-size copy

CZK 3,00

Readerprinter copies fee

per A4-size copy

CZK 2,50

per A4-size copy (two-sided)

CZK 5,00