Platnost příspěvku skončila 23. 6. 2021!
Pozvánka na webináře pro zájemce o databázi SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts).

Join us at our upcoming webinars to learn more about SciFinderⁿ or view recordings of previous webinars.

Schedule of Upcoming Webinars

May 19, 2021: Back to Basics: Structure Searching in SciFinderⁿ

Structure searching is a powerful tool in CAS SciFindern . It can help you find specific compounds in the CAS database. This webinar covers the basics of the CASDraw structure editor, and techniques for ring formation and substitution, allowing for variability in retrieved answers, and more.

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June 23, 2021: Advanced Reference and Substance Searching in SciFinderⁿ

Learn how to increase precision in your reference and substance search results by taking advantage of advanced search and refine features in CAS SciFinderⁿ.

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Informace o databázi SciFinder naleznete také na webové stránce Ústřední knihovny VŠB-TUO.