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VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library


Photocopiers are available at all Library sites. The photocopy machines produce A4- or A3-size copies, with reduction and enlargement facilities. They can only photocopy in black and white, but SafeQ multi-functional self-service photocopiers can also be used as scanners.

There are four SafeQ self-service photocopiers using pre-paid chip cards in the Library (in the Circulation Department, in the Study Room, and in the Faculty of Economics Library).

Please ask Library staff for assistance if necessary.

Library staff operated photocopiers

The library staff operated photocopying services are available in Economics Faculty Library study room and in the Faculty of Safety Engineering Library.

Cost of these photocopy services: A4-size copy CZK 1,50, A3-size copy CZK 3,- (per 1 copy).


All users must adhere to The Copyright Act external link (Act No. 121/2000 Coll. external link). The use of all copies can only be for private study or research.

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