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VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library

Inter-Library Loans

The Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service gives access to material from other libraries which is not held by the Central Library.

Contact: Bc. Helena Švidrnochová, phone: 59732-4571 or 4566, e-mail:, location: Reading Room, Main Library Building in Ostrava-Poruba

Most items not held in Central Library can be borrowed or copied for you from another library, from Czech libraries or from abroad if no Czech library can supply the request.

Periodical articles will be photocopies for your retention; other items will be for loan although some valuable or rare items may be for use in the Central Library only.

The ILL service is available to all members of the University, students and staff, including foreign users who have been given similar status within the University. It is also available to registered external users (members of public – Czech citizens and foreigners).

The service is free of charge to staff and students of the University with a valid Library card, and covers a wide range of material such as books, journal articles and conference papers, etc. The Library has to pay for all ILL requests, therefore all external users of the service are required to pay part of the cost of each request (according to the type of material and source of supply) with the remainder coming from the Library budget.

Requesting items on inter-library loan

Please be sure you really need the item and be selective in choosing which items you require.

Before you submit an ILL request, please check the Central Library online catalogue external link to make sure that we do not have a copy of the item you require in our stock since only material which is not in our stock can be requested.

If the book you want is on loan please ask the Circulation Desk staff to recall it for you.

Please check electronic resources as the fulltext of the item may be available in one of the databases and other electronic resources to which the Library subscribes.

Please include as much detail as possible and state your source of reference (e.g. Scopus, Web of Science, EBSCO, Worldcat, etc.). If you omit information your request may be delayed or fail altogether. We need the following information:

For books: Surname and initials of author, full title, publisher, date of publication and ISBN.


  • Author (autor): Hinshelwood, Cyril Norman
  • Title (název): The Structure of Physical Chemistry
  • Publisher (vydavatel): Oxford, Clarendon Press
  • Date of publication (rok vydání): 2005
  • ISBN: 0198570252 (9780198570257)

For journal articles: Title of journal, the relevant year, volume number, issue number if known and pages and also the author and title of the article.


  • Title of journal and other necessary information (název časopisu a další nezbytné informace): Biotechnology and Bioengineering, vol. 97, 2007, no. 6, p. 1573-1584
  • Author (autor): Chambless, Jason D.; Stewart, Philip S.
  • Title of the article (název článku): A three-dimensional computer model analysis of three hypothetical biofilm detachment mechanisms

How do I make a request?

Please fill in the form via „My account“ and the „ILL request button“ in Central Library online catalogue.

How long will it take?

This can vary from less than three days for requests for journal articles to several weeks for books or items obtained from abroad. In some cases where items are difficult to obtain we may contact you for further information. Please reply promptly; otherwise we cannot proceed with your request.

Receiving your inter-library loan

You will be notified by e-mail or phone when items for loan or photocopies are available and these must be issued and collected from the inter-library loan office; please make sure you have your library card with you.

Photocopies of articles will be for your retention.

The use of any material obtained through the inter-library loan service is governed at all times by the regulations of the lending library.

Items which are borrowed must be returned by the date shown on the issue slip which will usually be 4 weeks from the day of arrival.

Library use only: A few items can only be used in the library. These will be kept in the inter-library loan office and will be available at any time during service hours of the Study Room.

Renewing your inter-library loan

Some items borrowed are renewable. Please consult the inter-library loan staff who will check if a renewal is possible. It may be possible to renew books from other sources on an individual basis.

Returning your inter-library loan

All items must be returned by the date specified or the recalled date. Prompt return is important as we rely on the goodwill of other libraries and by keeping a book when it is overdue you are disadvantaging another borrower. All items should be returned to the inter-library loan office.

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