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VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library

Borrowing, Renewing and Returning

Who can borrow

The use of the library for borrowing is permitted to registered users only. Registration as a user is open to all persons in the following categories:

Only this group of users have access to the full range of library services, including borrowing privileges and the use of electronic resources.

Borrowing and returning

To borrow a book, present it with your borrower's card at the issue desk. The books must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed. Your borrower's card is not required when returning books.

Book drops

Remember, anything you borrow should be returned by the due date. When the Library is closed you can use secure outdoor return drop boxes (called Biblioboxes) 24 hours a day. The boxes are collected and emptied at the start of each day the Library is open from Monday to Friday. Books are checked in on the morning the box is opened.

The Library has got two Biblioboxes: The first one is located outside the main entrance to the Main Library Building in Ostrava-Poruba, the second one is located next to the entrance to the Faculty of Economics building in the centre of Ostrava, Sokolská 33. There is also an indoor return drop box located at the Faculty of Safety Engineering, Lumírova 13, Ostrava–Výškovice, of course with limited hours.

The Biblioboxes should not be used for returning items borrowed from other libraries (Inter-Library Loans).

If you don't return by the due date you will be liable to a fine.

Loan allowances

Each category of borrower has a total library loan allowance with additional limits depending on the loan type.

Loan periods – How long can I keep items?

Note: The Library may at any time require the immediate return of a book required by another reader. The latest date on which books should be returned will be advised at the time of loan or renewal – although the due date remains subject to earlier recall.

Loan periods depend on the category of borrower using library. The main loan types and loan periods are:


If you haven't finished using an item that is due for return you may renew it. You may bring items to the Library to be renewed as many times as you wish as long as they are not reserved for another user. Loans of books may be renewed, as long as there is no hold or recall on the item or unless you have outstanding fines. You may renew them in person at any issue desk if you do not have the books present, but you do have your card, or remotely: either by phoning the relevant circulation desk or by e-mail external link.

It is important that all loans are renewed on or before the due date as there are occasions when renewals are not possible, for example if another reader has placed a hold on the item. If you are not able to renew your loans, please make sure you return them by the due date to avoid fines.

Renewing a book via the online Library Catalogue

  1. Open the catalogue external link.
  2. Log on to My Account; for access use a Unified Password external link (also known as LDAP/IDM/Academic password).
  3. This will display a list of the items on loan to you.
  4. To renew a specific item, click the icon next to the item you want to renew.
  5. To remind you when items are due for return we send email notices to your email account.

What can't I renew?

You cannot renew items which are:

OR, if you have:

Remember that if books you wish to renew have been reserved by another reader you will not be able to renew them by any method.

Courtesy notices


Overdue items

If items are very overdue your record will be blocked and your borrowing privileges will be revoked until the items are returned or renewed and the fine is paid.

Reservations – placing a hold

If an item that you need is already out on loan you may reserve it. This means that the person who has it will not be able to renew it. A reservation can be made when all the copies of a book at all library sites are on loan. You can reserve loanable items by placing a hold on them.

To place a hold, you need to be logged into the Library Catalogue external link. Find the item you want in catalogue and click on the "Request a hold" button.

When the item is returned we will keep it for you to collect. After you reserve an item, you will receive an e-mail to your university e-mail account or another notification (according to your choice) to inform you that the item is available to collect. (You can also check the status of your reservations using the My Account option on the Library Catalogue.) Please collect it within 7 days.

If you experience any difficulty in making a reservation, please ask the Library staff for help.

Please inform the library if you no longer require an item you have reserved.

Lost books

Borrowers are responsible for all items on loan in their name. Lost books are normally charged at their original price. An additional administrative fee of CZK 20,- is charged for each lost item.

Checking your record

You can check your record using My Account feature of the catalogue external link.

Please ask the Library staff for introductory help.

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