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VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava Central Library

Library Rules and Regulations

Note: This is an excerpt of the most important parts from the Czech version of VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library Rules and Regulations in relation to users, borrowing, library use, licensed resources, copyright and fines and charges. The text bellow does not represent an exact translation of the official Czech Library Regulations but it does not violate any right of users of the Library services. The original text has been slightly modified in order to help non-Czech speaking Library users to understand both their rights and obligations.



Admission to the Library, Registration

Borrower's card

Borrowing, Recall and Return of Books on Loan

User categoryLoan allowances Loan periodsRenewals
internal-staff10060 days5x
internal-student3030 days2x
MBA student3030 days2x
external user530 days1x
external user-student530 days1x
foreign user514 days1x
library (ILL)1030 days1x


Inter-Library Loans

Fines and Charges

Use of Computers and Electronic Sources of Information, Copyright

Conduct in the Library

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