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VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library

Fines and Fees

Charges for overdue items (fines)

Overdue items incur fines for late return.

Charges: CZK 20,00 per each 21-days overdue per item.

Charge for the last (third) overdue notice sent by post: CZK 50,00.

Fines must be paid in person at the issue desk by cash promptly.

Lost books

The replacement charge for a book or other loan item is the original cost of it plus an administrative fee of CZK 20,00.

Replacement of library card (external borrowers only)

For the replacement of the library card (lost or damaged) we charge CZK 80,00.


Borrower's card for external users (non-students): CZK 40,00.

Annual registration fee (external borrowers only): CZK 60,00.

Guest access card deposit fee (returnable): CZK 40,00.

Reservations: CZK 5,00 per item.

Library staff produced photocopies:

Readerprinter copies:

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