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Journals are collections of articles published regularly, e.g. in weekly, monthly or quarterly issues. A number of issues together form a volume and these are usually bound on completion, often annually. They can also be referred to as periodicals, magazines or serials.

Journals contain articles which are generally more up to date and have greater depth than a book. Articles often report the results of research and are a valuable source for current developments in the subject.

The library subscribes to print journals and provides electronic access to the full text of over 6,000 journals, some of which are also held in print, but the most of which are available in electronic form only.

Current journals (recent issues) can be found in the library study rooms (see the lists of journals below), older volumes are available in Study Room upon request. Back volumes of journals are located in the store. Check for a journal title on the online catalogue external link to find out whether it is stocked, the years held, and any additional information or ask library staff for help.

Print journals are for use in the library only.

If the library doesn't have the journal you need you can apply for the article you need through the Inter-Library Loan service.

Subscribed Journals (Current Journals)

Electronic Journals – full text journals available to VŠB-TUO staff and students

fulltextFull Text Electronic Journals Subscribed by the Central Library in 2017 – direct access only (from within the University; IP-controlled access)


ACM Digital Library – full text of every article ever published by ACM external link – 51 journals, magazines and transactions and other material


IEEE Xplore external link – full text access to technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics; 197 active journals & magazines published by IEEE external link and IET external link (and much more: standards, books, conference proceedings)


ScienceDirect external link – direct access to full text articles from a large collection of 3,195 subscribed (or Open Access) journals published by Elsevier external link


SpringerLink external link – direct access to 2,373 subscribed (or Open Access) journals published by Springer external link


Wiley Online Library Journals external link – direct access to a collection of 1,205 subscribed journals published by Wiley external link

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