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VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava Central Library

How do I find the material I need

You can use the catalogue to find books and journals held in the Central Library. It shows where items are kept and whether or not they are on loan and how long they can be borrowed.

If you need help using the catalogue or can’t find what you are looking for please ask for help at the enquiry desk in the library.

Catalogue - how do I use the Library Catalogue?

Access the Library Catalogue via the internet. You can link out to search Library Collections catalogue from the Library web. There is a link to the catalogue on each page or, on your web browser, enter the web address: external link.

You can browse or search the library catalogue in a variety of ways. Select your option from the initial search screen displayed.

How do I find a book if I know the author or the title?

Use Quick Search or Browse (Indexes). To find a particular book, browse the indexes option by either the name of the author or by the title. The Alphabetical Browse option will provide an alphabetical list according to what you are searching for (e.g. if you type in Greenwood into the Persons Index option (Enter initial letters) field it will find that entry within an alphabetical list).

The simplest way is to use the Quick Search option which appears as soon as you get into the catalogue. This provides you with a number of options including searching All Fields - so you just enter the author’s family name and two or three significant words or just few initial letters from the title into the same box in any order (e.g. if you type in Greenwood Ind or Ind Greenwood into the search box the system will provide a record of a book title Industrial buildings external link written by Fiona Greenwood).

Similarly you can search for a book with a topic in mind by typing in some keywords, or for other things like journals. The catalogue lists everything from maps to standards. However, it can’t search for articles that appear in journals or chapters in books. You’ll find journal articles by using EBSCO Discovery Service external link or by searching an individual electronic source. The Quick Search option of catalogue allows you to search for journals by title (not for the articles in them). But there is an exception there: the catalogue contains records of articles from journals published by the University.

How do I find a book in the Library?

Once you have found the item(s) you are looking for the catalogue lists basic details such as author, title, year of publication. To find more details about the item(s) just click on the title of the book. This takes you to the detailed screen which will tell you location (the Library site) of the item, and where on shelf to find it (call number, shelfmark). You will also get information about number of copies of the item, copy status (availability) etc.

To find a thesis please go to the repository external link.

Contact us: If you have any questions about our resources or facilities, please ask at our enquiry desk, or contact us at: external link.

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